Loving God Growing Together


Our Mission

For Society

HEARING FROM GOD is our first priority in a time when so many conflicting voices are bringing confusion and chaos to the way we live our lives. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and His Sheep can hear His voice. Where Jesus is there is liberty . That is why we are here to be a "Lighthouse" that will  bring people from ALL NATIONS safely home  to  a Kingdom of Liberty, Light and Freedom . 
As a church we are here to SERVE OUR COMMUNITY including all ages. We are very active in projects and ministries  such as the Samaritan's Purse Christmas Shoe Box Appeal , Prison ministry, Providing fellowship to the elderly in Care homes , Tea Dances , Summer Holiday clubs for children and seniors . We will BE running an ALPHA COURSE in the fall this year  for those who want to begin their spiritual journey . We are constantly seeking new ways to show Bicester and our Nation the Love we have through Christ Jesus our Lord. GOD IS LOVE.