Loving God Growing Together

Our Pastor's Testimony
American born Dennis Niziol grew up mostly in New York and Ohio where He later graduated from High school in 1970. Entering into Broadcasting School and then getting a job in Portsmouth Ohio as the Sunday morning man on WIOI radio and later a full time position at WIRO in Ironton OHIO known to his listeners as “Dennis Day” .His program called “Daydreaming”.
All this was about to change dramatically. Attending a party where a fight broke out, Dennis tried to avoid the fight but was cornered outside by a lad who had boxing training. Upon being threatened with a beer bottle, Dennis impulsively back handed him and broke his jaw. He was then bundled into a car by a friend who drove through the hills of Ohio like the Dukes of Hazzard.
The next day Dennis discovered a young woman at his home talking to his mother. She was the sister of the injured man. She was imploring Dennis’ mother to get him out of town because there was a contract on him and her brother was wild enough to see it done.
This was all during the Viet Nam War era. It was a possibility that Dennis might be called up anyway so he enlisted in the Air Force who promised him a position in Armed Forces Radio. After signing up it was clear that the closest he would get to a radio was a walkie talkie issued to Air Police. The USAF was looking for volunteers for Viet Nam or to the United Kingdom. He volunteered for the UK and arrived here in August 1972. The next 6 Months would bring Dennis into the “belly of the Whale” (like Jonah) and to the lowest ebb of his life.
In that six months he became depressed being far from home and also being deceived about his job .The air police had the highest rate of suicides in the Air Force. He met a girl, had his heart broke and was almost killed as he was directing traffic for an emergency landing of an F111 aircraft. He had been hit by a Fire Truck and was miraculously spared but felt that he had been saved for a purpose. Dennis had always believed in Christ through the faith of his grandmother but was not committed to Him. After convalescing he was returned to post.
A fellow serviceman named Richard Palmer came to Dennis’ post (11 Hotel) and told Him that Jesus loved him more than anyone ever could.  Dennis Broke before God, asked Christ into His life. Became born again. Within the next 6 months Dennis would be married to Anne in December 1973 who was also a Christian .
After the Military , he entered into Theological Studies in Tacoma Washington and returned to the UK with 3 children under the age of three. They pioneered a church in Bicester and was ordained as a Pastor in the Elim Pentecostal Church in 1986.
He has also been a Bible Teacher, prophetic itinerant, gospel singer and has done mission work to five countries in Africa, Poland, Ukraine, 2 Countries in India and Sweden.
 His story is a bit like Moses who had to run for his life and found God in the Burning bush.

A Birthday Gift from God. – When I turned 60  (2011) I returned to Ohio to see my ailing mother. Whilst there I discovered that my birth father was still alive. My mother and father (who was in the U.S. army in Korea)  never married and drifted apart after I was born. It was a Godincedence  that this came about as one of my  Half brothers from my stepfather’s side met my  half sister from my birth father’s side and discovered my paternal link. Harold  had lived far away but recently moved back to Southern Ohio. We had assumed that he was dead. A Meeting was set up where I met him and my 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers.I was the spitting image of him.
 He had bowel cancer. I knew him for 40 days. I would call him from the UK and pray for him. He was so excited every time I called. I prayed with him and re-introduced Him to Christ. I  felt this was  a Birthday Gift from God. Soon he ended up in hospital across the hall from my mother. The last time they were together in the hospital when I was born. They died within a month of each other. I returned to the U.S. to conduct my mother’s funeral and visited Harold’s grave.  God had fulfilled my life with so many blessings before this but this was an overflow of His love for me. “I will not leave your Fatherless”. John 14:18 GNV Thank You Lord for all that you have done for me.Amen